The book you will want the man in your life to read

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A few years ago, I saw a psychic who said I’d soon meet someone named Michael who would be everything I’d ever dreamed of in a man. Naturally, I’d been drawn to this name ever since as the power of suggestion is real.

My girl friend fell in love with a man she sat next to on a plane and I texted her as I boarded a recent flight, “Please manifest me an awesome man on this flight!” to which she replied, “Of course.” I sat down on a nearly full plane and somehow I had all three seats to myself. I said, “Well Spirit, I guess you wanted me to take this time to read and meditate.” I followed with my typical mantra, “Lead me to whatever you want to reveal, guide me to whoever you want me to meet and give me the words to say.” Then as we were about to take off, a tall, confident, older gentleman sat down and said, “And you thought you were getting this row to yourself.”

The conversation was intriguing, thoughtful, sweet and he asked me to dinner afterwards. I declined as I had a busy evening ahead, not leaving him my number, besides, he lived on the other side of the country. He then reached out his hand and said, “What was your name?” I smiled and replied, “Liza, yours?” “My name is Mike.” I laughed out loud with disbelief, I would never turn a Michael down for dinner! But I thought, it’s just not meant to be and we parted ways.

About ten minutes after I got off the plane he emailed me as he suavely remembered my blog name and found my email address! I responded immediately that I was very impressed he remembered my blog and decided that I’d meet him for a late dinner after all. His confidence, his way, was so impressive to me AND his name was Michael.

Everything about this man was on point, he picked out a place to eat and even had a back up restaurant printed on a piece of paper tucked in his back pocket (which I only knew because I asked him what was on that paper). He was one of the most confident, kind, suave man I’d ever met. I found myself asking him, “How did you know how to do this or to say that to me?” It was like he was inside my head. I’d never experienced anything like it. He kept referring to this book called “The Way of the Superior Man” by David Deida. Which he later had shipped to me.

It’s this book that somehow explains exactly what’s inside a woman’s head and how a man can really love her for the feminine perfection she is, how he can “deal” with all the ins and outs of a woman, what she desires in intimacy, relationship, everything. This man had it down. I asked him if he really thought marriage was a good idea, as mine failed and I knew only one marriage that I really thought, was a great marriage (my sister and her husband – which created this saying in our family “we’re looking for our Eli”). I explained the way Eli treated my sister and the way he acted in the relationship, his response was – he is following the “way of the superior man”.

After more conversation, and two dates, Michael decided to return to Cleveland a few weeks later and wisk me away for a most romantic weekend. I  should note that I’m incredibly picky and although he’s 18 years older than me and lives on the other side of the country there was something about him that was far to intriguing not to explore further. He continued to impress me the entire weekend and truly have “the way of the superior man” thing down. During his introduction and protective interrogation from my incredibly intuitive cousin, she looked at me with excitement and said, “This is your Eli!”

Now the verdict is not out what my future holds with Michael, but the reason I’m writing this is because this book helped shape this incredible awareness in this man that I’ve never seen in another. I’m finding myself sharing the book with everyone and thought it might be helpful to someone out there.

One of the many complaints I hear women say about their man is answered here in this amazing book:

“…What she really wants is a man who can figure it out for himself. She wants a man who loves her, and escorts her with his loving, without having to ask her what she wants all the time.”

I would recommend this book to EVERY person who is on the search for a better understanding of relationship wether you’re single, dating, married, going through a divorce, etc. Lay it on your coffee table, leave the room, and hope he picks it up!



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