How I lost 12 pounds in 2 months with NO exercise!

How I lost 12 lbs in 2 months with no exercise!
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So I was pretty excited this morning to step on the scale and see that I’d lost 12 pounds in 2 months with out an exercise plan! It was really easy, there’s no calorie counting, I feel better and it cost me almost nothing – if anything I saved money! Below you’ll find my daily routine with tips, resources and recipes. I don’t stick to this 100% every day – but grace with myself is part of my plan! This is more than just a diet as you’ll soon read, it’s also psychology and detoxing in several ways – and it’s free.

The Three Major steps:

-Hydration & healthy raw eating for the most part

-Affirmations and positive self-talk

-Removing Toxins from my body & home environment with diet, skin care, and home care changes

When I occasionally go off the plan, I say to myself, “I enjoy being healthy and this little treat is okay because I rarely deviate. I am healthy and I’m going to enjoy this treat.” Because I believe in affirmations and the law-of-attraction, it’s important to not say things like, “I’m never going to be the size I want.” or “I can’t stick with this.” Rather, I try to say things like , “I am healthy. I am stunning. I enjoy eating these yummy health foods. It feels good to eat this way. I like making these choices for myself. My body is worthy of being treated good.” The psychology for me is just as important as the diet.

“My body is worthy of being treated good.” The psychology for me is just as important as the diet.

I also noticed some stressful situation and relationships in my life that perpetuated unhealthy choices and cycles – really pay attention to your emotional state and observe when you’re eating, the situation you’re in, the emotional state you’re in and who you are with when you’re doing it. You may want to ask yourself if your doing it for comfort – and if so, can you remove the situations or change them so you can let go of the eating that you’re using to feel better and break the cycle.


Removing toxins from my home was another big part of my weight loss. This list may sound a little crazy at first – and it took me almost two years to get here – it’s a process. I just kept the process going, gently, as better choices day by day definitely add up! For starters, we switched most of our plastic products to glass including cups, dishes, Tupperware and even straws. Think for a second about how many times we hear, “Studies now show BPA in plastic is toxic.” What do you think we’ll hear next year or in 5 years that was causing cancer?  I’ve got a responsibility to my children and myself to do the best I can to care for us – and I say this out of self-love, not fear. So my next best efforts, included riding the house of almost all beauty/shower products, cleaning products and plastics. Now, I’m saving time and money by simplifying. Organic coconut oil has replaced these products: Lotions, moisturizers, shaving creams, foot creams, anti-aging creams, makeup removers, lube (girls it’s amazing edible lube!!), rash creams! Dr. Bronner’s super concentrated SAL SUDS have replaced all cleaning products, dish soap, window cleaner. And Dr. Bronner’s other soaps, this one’s my favorite, replaced body wash & hand soap. My makeup is primarily from Bare Minerals – although I can’t yet give up my Urban Decay pallets –  I can literally sleep in this Bare Minerals and not break out! My shopping list is simplified, I save money and time and I feel better that I’m providing my family with SAFE products instead of putting toxins on our skin, dishes and household surfaces. All these toxins build up in our bodies and hold onto fat.



Drink 16 oz Mineralized Water (recipe at bottom)

Drink 160z Spicy Tonic Water (recipe at bottom…This is a detox – get ready for pooping to be easy!)


Drink any raw food shake – My favorite is this Cacao Coffee Shake (recipe at bottom)

Drink more Mineralized Water

Drink smoothies (spinach & fruit mixed with water-only) or eat raw, organic (meaning don’t cook it) foods until dinner

Drink more Mineralized Water


Eat only organic leafy greens, veggies, fruits, nuts and meats for dinners.

Drink more Mineralized Water.

Feeling snacky? Eat raw foods like blueberries, cherries, nuts or organic, non dairy popcorn ( I make the popcorn on the stove because it’s way cheaper than organic microwave bags)


Dairy products (except organic eggs), processed foods, candy, cooked foods before dinner, soda, chips, fast food (except french fries), bread, pasta, grains, beans, peanuts, & gluten, tofu/soy based products.

NOTE: If you’re really craving something – ALLOW yourself to say “I will eat that and I can have that, BUT I will eat that after I first eat some fruit or a smoothie and hydrate  – and then see how I feel.” This will mitigate how much of the food or eliminate it all together because you’ll be fuller with the healthy foods. For example, I often will cook breakfast for company and be so full from my two tonics that I can barely eat the cooked breakfast I prepared.


Honey, raw cacao powder, organic fruits and veggies, including avocados, Himalayan salt, organic meats, nuts (but not peanuts), almond/coconut milks, coconut products, water, coffee (I aim to get all non-GMO/organic when possible – as the foods with toxins/pesticides build up in your body and make the fat stick! I shop almost exclusively at Trader Joes as they’re the cheapest place to buy healthy organic foods – and they only offer non-GMO, so you don’t have to worry about reading every label)

I add organic spinach or leafy greens (as much as I can tolerate and you work your way up to a ton – I’m up to about 1/3 bag per smoothie) to every shake including coffee. It’s a great super food with so many health benefits! NOTE: If you try this diet or become vegan without adding a ton of leafy greens, you will feel tired and probably become Anemic. YOU have to, have to, have to eat far more leafy greens than your realize to stay energized and healthy – that’s why adding them to all smoothies in large quantities is a must. It’s a big part of mineralizing the body, balancing hormones for women especially, removing toxins & helps build muscle – which removes fat.

I aim to drink my body weight in Mineralized Water. So if I weigh 100lbs I would drink 100 oz in Mineralized Water per day. The more the better – it’s detoxing you and draining that fat away! While I rarely make the goal, I’ve still lost 12 lbs in 2 months – so just keep trying each day even if you drink half the water you hoped to. It all helps!


Prepare your mineralized water and spicy tonic the night before. This way, you won’t get busy and feel like you don’t have time to stick to the plan. I also prep smoothies and bring banana’s, apples, nuts and Kind bars with me when I go out – this way you’re not tempted to grab fast food. If you do find yourself at McDonald’s, because with my two toddlers I do, I get a medium fry instead of the other options. And I don’t feel guilty! Every better-choice adds up.

When eating at others houses, I take a large serving of the veggies/fruits/meats and only small taste of anything not on my list – so as not to be rude. I do not take most dairy products however because they literally make me sick. I also tend to drink a shake on the way to someone’s house – so I’m less hungry when I arrive as I know my diet preferences will not be easily found sitting at someone else’s table.

When I go out to eat with friends I try to get a salad,  protein with veggies or something light on carbs like a taco. Go ahead and live and enjoy your meal – even a small better choice will add up in the end!

I don’t keep unhealthy foods in my house!

I try to keep my recipes and smoothies to a maximum of 6 ingredients – it’s easier for your body to digest and helps you stay thin!

In general, I try not to eat after 9pm – unless it’s fruit.

In general, I avoid mixing fruits with fats in my smoothies or Sweet fruits with Sub-acid fruits. (see link below)

How I lost 12 lbs in 2 months with no exercise

Learn How To Properly Food Combine with this Quick Guide!




Mineralized Water

mineralized water - how to lose weight fast

Mix 1 Liter of distilled or purified water with about 10 Himilayan salt crystals (day before) OR theses mineral drops ORMUS

(I buy these glass milk jars for a couple bucks at grocery store, dump the milk and use it for my water because it’s a really affordable way to buy glass jugs)

Why Mineralize your water? Because most water has been cleaned and filtered in a way that doesn’t have a lot of natural minerals on the ionic level and the body is highly demineralized nowadays. Having those minerals helps the cell absorb the water effectively as well is helps create a structured form of a water, which is the way water is meant to be. Most people confuse being hungry when actually their body is thirsty and needs hydrated!

(My knowledge on this is from my health coach who has cured himself and others, naturally, from diseases and cancers)


Spicy Tonic


1/8 t + Organic Ginger Powder (more if you can handle it)

1/8 t + Organic Cayenne Powder (more if you can handle it)

1/8 t + Organic Tumeric Powder (more if you can handle it)

2 organic lemons juiced (or more lemons if you like! the more the better)

Fill rest of 16 oz glass with mineralized water

Mix all ingredients. (I make a large container of equal parts of these spices mixed to save time each day. Then I just scoop a heaping 1/4 tea of it into the glass – the more you can tolerate the better) This drink will detox you and make your poop fall out with ease – be ware!


Cacao Coffee Shake

-1 ripe banana

-as much organic spinach as you can handle (start with a large handful – you won’t even taste it)

-1 c cold coffee

-1 TB raw Cacao powder

-1 TB (or more to taste) raw, local, organic Honey (local honey helps with allergies)

-1/2 teaspoon of vanilla (I like this vanilla powder)

-1/2 c crushed ice

(blend in vitamix or other blender)


Mineral Water Drops (Easy way to mineralize water and maximize benefits of hydration)

Course crystals Himalayan Salt (Great to mineralize your water with and eat on everything! 85 natural minerals)

Finely ground Himalayan Salt (Nice to have on hand)

Cacao Powder (super energizing brain food – it’s raw chocolate! Needs mixed with honey or dates to sweeten or it’s bitter)

Maca Powder (energizing & libido enhancing, can put in smoothies – be careful ladies your man’s going to feed this to you daily!!!)


While I don’t exercise much, I just started practicing Yoga a few weeks ago – for FREE! I hate the idea of buying a package of classes that I may not be able to go to as I’ve got two toddlers and a busy life, and what if I didn’t click with the instructor? This is an awesome 30 day Yoga Practice on Youtube – that works you into Yoga easily and this girl Adrienne absolutely rocks, I think I have a girl-crush because she’s just so genuine & fabulous! Try it – you’ll love it!

30 Days of Yoga (FREE ON YOUTUBE!)


What healthy ways have you lost weight fast and felt great? I’d love to hear :)




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  1. We started this overhaul of our house a little over a year ago. It is taking some time but is necessary for us to live long healthy lives! My son is 18 months now and I want to make sure he grows up as happy and healthy as he can be! Do you buy bottled water or do you use tap water? We have been using tap water, in glass jugs, with Binchotan charcoal. We are also trying to eliminate most sugar that is not natural. This seems to make us have MUCH clearer minds and feel better. I am so happy that you recommended your site to me. It is hard to find others that have this same frame of mind.

    • Hey Jodi! Thanks for reading. We use filtered water from an RO system, put in glass jugs and then we mineralize it :) I replaced most sugars with honey and dates. Your love for your family is so beautiful, thanks for sharing!

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