pictureHi, I’m Liza – thank you for visiting my blog! I love sharing all of my creative ideas and projects including recipes, parties, DIY projects & crafts, art, fashion & beauty, home decor, all mixed with my experience in life and Love!

I designed wedding gowns as my first occupation, after getting a Bachelor’s degree, studying Art. When I had my first little one, Liam, I decided to stay home and I sought out doing my own creative projects like Graphic Design, Photography, Interior Decorating, Painting, Baking – anything creative really! I LOVE it all and enjoy tackling a new project every week. So I decided to start blogging about my weekly projects.

I’m also incredibly passionate about spirituality. I say that my religion is “Love”. Most would define me as New Age, although I try not to define anything too specifically as I like to be open-minded. I’m always learning and growing. My current path is to live presently, to Love unconditionally and rid my life of fear and negativity. I’m a big believer of the Law of Attraction and LOVE surrounding myself with like-minded, positive people.

Some of my favorite books are – The Power of Now, The Four Agreements & A Return to Love. I enjoy listening to speakers like – Abraham-Hicks, Alan Watts & Marianne Williamson.

I currently live in the Greater Cleveland area with my 4 year old son, Liam and my 2 year old daughter, Anna. I’m a mommy, blogger, Realtor, Photographer, Graphic Designer and Artist.

If you ever want to suggest a blog post or have any questions, please email me at liza@LoveBeCreate.com

Thanks for checking out my site!